The Member Rebate Program is an exciting program that can actually put money back into your pocket. Through this program managed by the Building Industry Association of Washington, our state organization, the country's leading manufacturers pay rebates as their way of thanking our members for their loyalty to their products. You may already be utilizing many of these products, so why not get paid a rebate for something you're already doing?

  • The program does not require builders or remodelers to change how they do business
  • The supply chain is not affected
  • No receipts are required
  • A simple claim form is all that is needed to be filled out
  • Claims are filled out quarterly for all homes or projects that are closed or completed

When you register, you simply indicate which of the eligible manufacturers you already use. Then, on a quarterly basis, you are mailed a rebate check. The combined buying power of BIAW’s builders and remodelers, combined with many other state associations, allows our members to qualify for the same manufacturer rebates the nation’s largest builders receive.

Click here to register for the Member Rebate Program to receive rebates on products you're already using!