Primary Election Endorsements

Vote by Tuesday August 1st, 2017. Ballots are mailed on July 12th and must be postmarked or in a ballot drop box by Election Day.

The Spokane Home Builders Association makes endorsement recommendations each year in local, county and state races of candidates who will fight hard on behalf of the building industry and have the qualifications to be effective elected officials. This years’ races for local offices such as City Council don’t draw the same attention that a Presidential race does, but the impact on the day to day operations of your business from the results can be significant.

The SHBA candidate endorsement process includes a thorough vetting process through a written questionnaire, background screening by Candidate Verification and interviews with a panel of SHBA members.

The Spokane Home Builders Association endorses these candidates:

Spokane City Council

Spokane Valley City Council

7th Legislative District

Additional endorsements in other races will be forthcoming.